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2101 S Palm Ave, Miramar, Florida 33025, United States
SEADS Educational Services

SEADS Educational Services in Pembroke Pines & Miramar

SEADS After School Care Program

Enrichment Games

At SEADS we believe there are different ways in which a child can learn. Learning through enrichment games is promoted at SEADS to help a child with issues on focusing in the classroom.

HomeWork Help

At SEADS After School Care, students are given personal one on one homework help. We know this can sometimes be a challenge for our parents. Since your child is with us after school, we are happy to help.

Building Social Skills

At SEADS we believe in citizenship. Good citizens are people who: Care about their community. Look out for others' interests. Offer help when needed. Contribute to their Society. Respect others' opinions and belief. As a result, Good Citizens often become good Leaders.

Building Computer Skills

At SEADS we believe in being up-to-date with technology. All our students use laptop computers, tablets and smart accessories  as learning aids when  being tutored at SEADS.

Share the big news

At SEADS we would love to have you become a part of our very closely nit family. Come by our location at 2101 Palm Avenue, Suite 206 Miramar Florida 33025 or call us at 954-909-8783.

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  • Q: Is there a monthly or weekly charge for after-school?
  • A: Is up to you the parent and your budget either frequency works.
  • Q: Do your charge include transportation pick-up service?
  • A: Yes
  • Q: Do you provide afternoon snacks?
  • A: No, students bring  their own afternoon snacks.